About  Artistic Hardscapes
Intricate                      or               Utilitarian     
We have the experience!
Our company is the result of over forty years residential and
commercial construction experience combined with a
lifetime appreciation of artistic adaptation of building
materials and techniques.  

Our motto :  "Every surface an original"
Our goal has always been to provide coatings that improve the
function and serviceability of our clients' properties both ----       
 Our customers are our greatest
asset and we are dedicated to
serving their needs to the best of our
In order to accomplish this we use
only the highest quality products and
 Our company cultivates relationships
with product suppliers that share our
vision for research and innovation in the
coatings field.  
We also realize cost is an issue for most folks so we strive to  
              make our service economically accessible.
Give us a call and let us show you how we can help.
Artistic Hardscapes Construction LLC
PO Box 152686  Tampa, FL 33684
813-323-2819 or 727-243-7710
fax 813-350-0693
About Artistic Hardscapes